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Welcome to QuickSto.re, your Web Shop in the Cloud.

We help you to publish a professional online store quickly and easily so that you can sell your products worldwide via the Internet. Our web stores are fully equipped and can be adapted to your individual needs. From the product catalog with inventory to order management and payment processing, you can find everything included. You don't need your own web space, you don't have to be able to program, install software, or buy expensive licenses. Manage your shop directly in the browser, no matter where you are.

QuickSto.re is suitable for WHO

QuickSto.re is suitable for everyone who wants to sell via the Internet, regardless of whether they are private occasional sellers, small businesses, trading companies, startups, product manufacturers, sales organizations and many others.

QuickSto.re is suitable for WHAT

QuickSto.re is suitable for all kinds of goods. With professional article management, even different product versions can be offered as variants, e.g. clothing in different sizes, quantity prices for loose goods.

What POSSIBILITIES OF USE does QuickSto.re offer

QuickSto.re's uses are almost unlimited. You can create a special shop for a certain category of goods or a multi-shop with a wide assortment. Use as a delivery service for meals, as a restaurant menu, employee shop, bonus ordering system or fan shop are also practicable solutions. The webshop can be adapted to most currencies via the localization options, thus enabling the creation of a global sales market.

Like any website, the webshop can be accessed worldwide via a domain. In addition, we have provided a template to be able to seamlessly integrate the webshop into a mobile app.

Are there UPGRADES for the QuickSto.re

QuickSto.re is offered in common versions to reflect a customer's scope and business size. The smallest package can already be used free of charge and upgrades can be carried out at any time. You can find a comparison of the package versions at ShopSolution24.com

Are there ADDONS for the QuickSto.re

QuickSto.re is a compact system and contains everything a retailer needs. For the professional use of some technical functions, we offer external add-ons to support, e.g. Android Webview App for your mobile shop, SMTP account for sending service messages to customers, newsletters and mailing list management for registered interested parties in your web shop, marketing campaigns such as search engine registration, Worldwide domain registration, domain mapping for existing domains and much more ...

What are the costs with the QuickSto.re

We do not incur any additional costs other than those of the current booking. Depending on how you decide, you pay a monthly or annual fixed price for using the system. The basic version can be used free of charge. The technical resources such as web space, network traffic and usage license are already included. Additional costs are only incurred for the optional booking of additional services that can enhance the range of functions.

What should I pay ATTENTION for when using QuickSto.re

QuickSto.re was designed for international trade and currently offers German and English language. For worldwide trade, the currency can be set individually and any number of delivery regions and delivery services with different delivery costs can be entered. Due to the globally differing laws on distance selling, it is necessary that you independently check whether your web shop fully meets these requirements. This applies in particular to the labeling obligations, price information regulations and data protection agreements as well as the imprint (where required). QuickSto.re offers the creation and linking of individual content pages to place such information in text format. To use the integrated payment gateways, registration with the respective payment service providers such as Stripe, Paypal, Mollie, Skrill ... is required.


In the following, we will give you a brief overview of the points that must be observed and how you can professionally create and publish a web shop with QuickSto.re.


1. You create an account and enter your personal name or the name of your company, if it is a registered company, this must be done in full with the legal form. For private individuals and small businesses (SME), this is the first and last name.


2. Log into the account you have created and study the individual views to get to know how the system works. Then navigate to the menu item: "Settings" to adjust the basic properties of your web shop. In this area you define the specifications for the respective web shop and can influence the appearance and select the payment providers.


3. Now navigate to the menu item: "Selling" to start creating the product catalog. Click on "Store Categories" in the menu to display future products in assigned categories and thus make it easier to find certain products in the shop.


4. Now you have to create the Tax Rates under "Value Added Tax" if applicable (only for products excluding VAT - not relevant for Germany and the EU).


* In the footer text of the design area under settings, you indicate whether you are collecting VAT and whether this is already included in the price, in case that you do not use tax exclusive on prices.


5. Now create the shipping options. To do this, select "Shipping" and create the delivery areas or regions and then click, on the same page, on the sub-item "Shipping" (with the Transporter logo) to add the delivery services and shipping costs. Now connect a delivery region with the delivery service you have created. This makes it easier for the customer to select the delivery service offered in his region.


* Delivery options can be deactivated in the basic settings of the shop.

6. Now click on "Product Management" in the menu and create your salable offers. For this we have integrated various placeholders where you can store product information and product images. If your product contains different variants, e.g. T-shirt in different sizes, you can optionally create variants and set individual prices and stock quantities for each variant.

7. Now you can activate sales promotion for your web shop by creating sub-pages in which you can publish content such as product information, application support or more about your company as you wish. It is also possible to integrate a blog through which you can regularly publish updates, offers and information on the use of your products. The links are automatically transferred to the webshop menu and can be accessed by every visitor with one click. In some templates it is possible to collect leads for marketing campaigns. For this purpose, an entry field for the email address is displayed for interested parties in the web shop. You can then communicate with the registered customers and share offers or submit vouchers. Please note the legal requirements for sending advertising emails and avoid spam. Via the menu item "Vouchers" you can create and manage coupon codes in order to give your customers a discount on the order value. Vouchers can be added during ordering process.

8. In order to meet legal requirements, some manual information in text form is required, which can be stored in the footer of each template. For longer texts, you can create content pages and link them via the webshop menu.

We will show you some requirements below, that may be required to be considered in your case:

A) Creation of a legally secure imprint or provider identification.

B) Creation of a data protection declaration and reference to data collection and processing.

C) Creation of the terms and conditions (if necessary).

D) Reference to VAT collection or no taxation if you are a private seller.

E) Note on delivery costs if not included in the product price

F) Declaration on the right of withdrawal including return conditions and handling of cost for return shipment.

G) Defining regulations under the Product Liability Act:

    - warranty and guarantee

    - exclusions, e.g. in the case of private sales



Please note that each country requires compliance with different regulations and that you have to check in advance which requirements these are and how you can implement them. We recommend that you seek legal advice for this.


Congratulations on your new QuickSto.re webshop and good sales! You are now all done and ready to advertise and start selling.

Please note that QuickSto.re is a live system and every entry or change is immediately publicly available via the link to the web shop. You should therefore wait with marketing until the webshop has been set up and all products and sales conditions have been entered to your satisfaction. We also recommend defining your own processes outside of the web shop in order to be able to seamlessly handle processing, shipping of goods, customer communication and invoicing. Remember that a good assortment of goods and a nice web shop are not a guarantee for good sales. The perception of the customer is strongly affected by the comprehensible processes, transparent communication and fast and courteous customer service. Satisfied customers mean success for your online shop and satisfied customers like to come back!



One last important note on our own behalf!


We expressly point out that the before mentioned are no substitute for legal advice and that we do NOT claim the right to correctness or completeness for the information provided. This information is only intended as a guide for planning your web shop. To clarify the individual legal situation, please consult a legal advisor. Our task is to provide and operate the system and the technical resources, so we do not assume any liability for damage or legal cases that involve your web shop, its use or any further complications resulting therefrom. Ultimately, you as the shop operator and retailer, but also as a private person, are responsible for compliance with all requirements.

For free accounts, we reserve the right to refinance the costs incurred by placing advertising in the visible area of ​​the shop. No permanent or unlimited right to use the system is granted. We can restrict, suspend or completely stop the use of free accounts at any time.

We also reserve the right to close web shops and accounts if legal framework conditions are not met, complaints from consumers, rights holders, lawyers or instructions from official authorities are received, or if fraud or illegal use is suspected. Do not use any protected brands, product names or business names for your web shop if you are not authorized to do so.

You are obliged to provide correct information and to comply with the legal requirements in your country or the country of your buyer. We reserve the right to refuse or block registrations if there are reasons for this. It is forbidden to use the system to deceive customers, to sell products that are illegal or to force fake sales for products that do not exist.

If you have any questions about QuickSto.re service, Customer Satisfaction Team will be happy to help.